I have been on a bag-buying bender lately – again! sigh – so I’ve been trying to keep my shopping to a minimum in other regards. Oh, who are we kidding? Mostly, I’ve just been too busy to shop. But I have snuck in a couple of shopping trips because, let’s face it: ain’t no better stress relief in my world than a little retail therapy. I didn’t actually end up buying anything on any of those occasions, but I did take some more crappy changing room selfies, so I figured I’d share those joys with you, dear readers.

Clover Canyon dress, $130 at Marshalls
Clover Canyon dress, $130 at Marshalls

Oh, if only my life was glamorous enough to require a dress like this in my closet. Since that’s not the case, I ooh-ed and aah-ed in the changing room and left it behind. *sniff* Perhaps we shall meet again on the clearance aisle, my love.

Philosophy dress (NOT the designer brand), $40 (I think? can't remember) at Marshalls
Philosophy dress (NOT the designer brand), $40 (I think? can’t remember) at Marshalls

Cute idea, cute print, too bad it was the shiniest, cheapest feeling polyester. Something about the colour palette reminds me of Prada, but I still prefer my similarly cut Joe Fresh dress (whose quality is also better, IMO).

Ralph Lauren dress ($52) at Marshalls
Ralph Lauren dress ($52) at Marshalls

If this had been $20 cheaper, I would have bought it, no question. Even though I don’t really need another work dress, I can never pass up a cheapie jersey dress. Ralph Lauren makes some of the most flattering ones, for sure. This was already on sale, but if it makes it to another cut, I’m probably going to buy it.

Forgot-the-European-brand dress ($80) at Winners
Forgot-the-European-brand dress ($80) at Winners

I loved this dress, you guys. Loved it. But, uh … in principle. It was too sheer (see the colour of my underwear sheer, which may not be apparent in this photo), and the material (100% viscose) felt really cheap. The brand didn’t ring any bells with me, so I don’t really get the price, at all.

DVF dress , $25 at My Favourite Aunt's
DVF dress ($25) at My Favourite Aunt’s

Another heartbreak. I had to break my “no DVF dress left behind” policy and, in fact, leave this pretty number behind. It was only $25, but also about 3 sizes too big. If you’re a size 10-12 (the tag says 14, but I say it runs smallish), run to My Favourite Aunt’s today because it may still be there; I believe they clear out the clearance rack on Fridays, though, so be quick, my friends.

Elizabeth & James dress ($15) at My Favourite Aunt's
Elizabeth & James dress ($15) at My Favourite Aunt’s

As my friends said … maybe if I was still in my 20s. And had a much more exciting life. Alas. I would love to have an Elizabeth & James piece in my closet, especially for $15, but sadly this piece wasn’t it.

Lord & Taylor skirt ($38 on sale at The Bay)
Lord & Taylor skirt ($38 on sale at The Bay)

I saved the LOLs till last to make your slogging through this post worth your while. I think I can safely say “mission accomplished”. This skirt was an interesting concept … in theory. But in reality, I’m not sure who it’s intended for – a conservative politician’s really, really tall wife? I have no idea.

And that concludes another round of changing room selfies. I hope the retail gods were more generous with you. Hit me up with all your amazing finds in the comments.

14 Comments on Tales from the Changing Room

  1. ……..I don’t know what to say about that last skirt. Is it part of a ball gown for someone who is really short? It the outer layer of the skirt trying to hide the shame of the inner layer, or are they just really epic pleats?

    Also, that Ralph Lauren dress looks amazing on you!

    • I feel like the skirt tried really hard to be Jackie O, and then ended up being Jackie Oh-No. (Terrible joke? Sowwy) Those things are massive, massive pleats. The material was heavy, with an almost shatung-like sheen (I didn’t look, but I doubt it was real silk). In principle, it could have been really elegant and classy, but … not so much.

  2. I really like 1 3 and 4!! Too bad they were also the more expensive ones… Oh wells. I can’t believe #4 was too sheer, what if you had put a slip underneath? Would be great for a cool night out? Sad face for not getting anything, but love the photos 🙂 Especially the last one, makes me think of an eccentric librarian!

    Roxi – goldenpolkadots.blogspot.com

  3. That Ralph Lauren dress looks great on you! Maybe I should try keeping an eye out for Ralph Lauren dresses at my local Marshalls or TJMaxx.

    • I love RL dresses – they wear well, wash well, and last forever. Some of the prints can be a little “old”, but they do come in tons of cute ones as well.

  4. The first dress looks amazing on you! And the Ralph Lauren dress is also a perfect fit. What incredible self control you showed, not to buy them. I hope the prices drop for both!

  5. All of these dresses had an appeal (except for the pleats-on-steroids skirt). But the Clover Canyon and the Ralph Lauren dresses look like they were made just for you. #1 is simply gorgeous!

  6. The Ralph Lauren dress was made for you. I hope it goes a little cheaper so you can go back for it!

    I never shop in TK Maxx here, ours is souless and tumble-weed-blowy. Dreadful place. Never seen anything decent in it.