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Rain Boots and Khaki

What I Wore: Puddle Jumping

blue collar red lipstick, wardrobe remix
Pants, NYDJ (via eBay); shirt, J. Crew Factory; vest, Old navy; boots, Hunter

Taking a toddler for a walk during the height of our spring big melt is … a fun idea in principle, very wet in practice. Thankfully, I have my trusty Hunters (how’s that for blatant product placement? it’s okay, I’m not getting paid for it). No, seriously, thank Neptune or whoever is the god of deceptively-small-looking-but-in-reality-two-feet-deep puddles. I am fairly dry in this picture, though perhaps more frazzled than usual. It was, uh, a windy day? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Speaking of the little puddle-monster himself, I couldn’t even wrangle a picture out of him. “Pretend to like it, buddy,” I whispered. “No way, come hell or high puddle,” responded he, telepathically and by applying a sharp elbow to my gut.


Oh well.

Pop! Of! Colour!

What I Wore: Shopping, etc.

blue collar red lipstick, what i wore
Skirt and cardigan, J. Crew Factory; tee, Old Navy; belt, Holt Renfrew; bag, Tory Burch (via Kijiji)

Y’all know I love red as an accent colour, so my first instinct is always to overload on it. But I was reading an article on French style recently, and the recommendation was to limit accents to one piece rather than a half dozen (it’s like the author read my mind!). In this case, my Old Navy t-shirt already has a bit of red in it, so I just added a belt. And red lipstick, because I feel 120% more chic wearing it. But! I refrained from adding any other red accessories, like a bag.

But, but! After peeking at this picture on my iPhone, I decided the “elephant grey” bag wasn’t cutting it … so I went with my red MbMJ Teri tote. It was just lying right there! It was too easy! Alright, alright, I admit failure.


Blue-Green and Floral All Over

What I Wore: Pediatrician Appointment

blue collar red lipstick, wardrobe remix
Dress, Pilotto for Target; cardigan, J. Crew Factory; boots, Target; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

I think J. Crew called this cardigan colour “jade”, though I’m not sure it’s not actually “teal”. It leans a bit more green than blue, though, so let’s go with jade. It’s a pretty colour, no? It works really well with my Pilotto for Target dress, which is great for days when I want to look a bit more dressed up yet feel like I’m wearing a big t-shirt.

I’ll let you in on a little secret … I’m hiding something in this photo. Relax, it’s not a bump (though it kinda looks like I had a big lunch that day, eh?). What I’m hiding is a, ahem, blemish. And not just any blemish, but one with its own zip zit code (as my husband lovingly informed me). That face I’m making? I’m trying to hide the monster. I could maintain my composure only so long, though, especially once my husband started making shout-outs to “Steve”.

blue collar red lipstick, wardrobe remix

I will have my revenge!