Quick Takes

What I Wore: Date Night and More

 collar red lipstick, what i wore

As some of you know, I post all of my daily outfits – those that are a step above pyjamas and sweats, that is – on Instagram. Sometimes, I’m over-zealous and delete the original photos right after … which means, nada to show for the blog. But wait! How about some recycled ‘grams? Hope you don’t mind – they look nicer than the real deal, anyway. Gawd, I love those Instagram filters!

So, yes, I wore the top outfit for a rare date night with my husband. We hit up Da-De-O’s and enjoyed some yummy po’boys, and reminisced about our second date which – you can guess – also happened at the very same joint. Actually, I’m lying; we talked about the kids. Because we’re that lame. I wore polka dots and leopard because I want to at least pretend that I’m not that lame. Loving the black J. Crew Factory black mini, by the way – best $20 investment in a long time.

 collar red lipstick, what i wore

This was another dinner date outfit, this time for an evening with friends. I stalked this black J. Crew dress on eBay for ages before finally pulling the trigger, specifically because I thought it would be a great piece layered over my shirts. I was right. So right, in fact, that I don’t even mind the fact that I overpaid for it ($80 including shipping). Last I checked, the Factory had a similar dress for under $80 (not including shipping), but it was not available at my local store and was on back-order online and who has time for that. Anyway, expect to see more of this dress. A lot more.

 collar red lipstick, what i wore

I cannot remember now where I wore this, but it was not a fancy occasion. I mean, just look at my hair – oy! This was my attempt to dress-down one of my Boden dresses, and I have to say, I’m digging the mix of olive shades, even if there is something of a vest-dress disconnect. Speaking of the vest, this was yet another Old Navy clearance rack find. I have to say, I’m quickly finding myself seduced by its rock bottom pricing and relatively attractive, winter-appropriate basics. Shhh, don’t tell J. Crew …

Pile on Pilotto

What I Wore: Weekend Errands

blue collar red lipstick, what i wore
Top, Pilotto for Target; vest, Old Navy; jeans, Rachel Rachel Roy (via Winners), boots, Hunter; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

I’m actually digging this Peter Pilotto for Target top, but I wanted to have a punny title. Even if it is completely nonsensical.

Moving on. Or back. Yes, of course I checked out the Pilotto-Target collaboration first thing on opening day. Because hope springs eternal. But, for once, it paid off because there were a couple of non-polyester items in the line-up, and the prints were cute, and you bet your ass I bought them. Cotton-blend for the win!

Also, I do realize that this Old Navy vest makes me look wide and squat through what is still a relatively non-wide, non-squat area of my body. I should have bought a “small” but all I could find was a “medium”. But … I don’t care. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Looking at it on the positive side, it’s the prerogative of my old(er) age to wear whatever I like, proportions be damned.

Grandma’s Old Couch

What I Wore: Out of the House (Indeed)

Pants, Anthropologie; sweater, J. Crew; shirt & necklace, Old Navy
Pants, Anthropologie; sweater, J. Crew; shirt & necklace, Old Navy

The title says it all, eh? In my defence (because I kinda love them), my husband convinced me to buy these pants, and in fact paid for them. True story. They’re pretty polarizing pants; you either love them or hate them (and feel free to tell me so on Instagram). Because they are so borderline-wrong, I make it a point to wear them far more often than is probably warranted. Generally speaking, I think my intentions are better than the results but that’s ok – these pants are my sartorial rebellion, if you will.

Strangely enough, I think the weak link of this particular outfit is not grandma’s old couch but the necklace. It’s what they call de trop. I should have followed the old adage, and taken (that) one thing off before leaving the house.