Grey on Grey

What I Wore: Friday Morning School Run

blue collar red lipstick, what i wore
Jeans, Cleo (via consignment); t-shirt, Joe Fresh; blazer, J. Crew (via consignment)


Unnecessarily dressy? Yes. Cute anyway? Yes. According to my Instagram feed, anyway.

I couldn’t wait to wear this J. Crew blazer I scored at Red Pony Consignment – for a great deal, natch. For some reason, post-baby #2, my upper body (rib cage and shoulders) have stretched some more, making all of my old blazers resemble straightjackets. Straightjackets two sizes too small. So I’m snapping up blazers whenever I find them for a good price because at some point in the future (September to be specific) I will have to start dressing like a professional adult again. Blazers are more useful for that than pyjamas, I’m pretty sure.

Mommy Glam

What I Wore: The Met Gala (just kidding)

blue collar red lipstick, what i wore
Pants, NYDJ (via eBay); shirt and vest, Old Navy

Ready for another dose of SAHM glamour? I’m keeping it real over here, you guys. Putting you all to sleep is just an unintentional bonus. Thank me later, ‘kay?

Hmm, what else can I say about this? Oh, the top was another cheapie find on the Old Navy clearance rack, but made me re-learn an important lesson. Always try stuff on. Preferably before ripping out tags. Yeah, so this is a “small”, which in usual Old Navy-ese means “big enough to fit post-baby Adina”, except … this time … it actually meant “small”. D’oh! I mean, for $4, I’m not too heartbroken about it, and certainly not deterred from wearing it (sausage-casing arms notwithstanding). But lesson learned. Again.

I still like it though. It’s cute but still relatively age-appropriate. Stripes are never a bad thing, yes?


Pink & Blue

What I Wore: Wednesday

Skirt, Old Navy; sweater, J. Crew Factory; shirt, Tommy Hilfiger; bag, Rebecca Minkoff (via eBay)
Skirt, Old Navy; sweater, J. Crew Factory; shirt, Tommy Hilfiger; bag, Rebecca Minkoff (via eBay)

Let’s be frank: this is a bit of a scroll-down fug situation. The top half is nice, and the skirt is cute, but together … eh. This would have worked better with darker wash jeans, though, generally, nothing beats an elastic waist skirt. For comfort, that is. Clearly not for style.

Moving on, how adorable is this Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC? The colour is called “pink iris”, which is so much better than “Barbie pink”, though the difference is mostly semantics. I love it … or, I should say, my inner 13-year old does. I do wish the leather was a little bit less fragile (I’m kinda afraid to sneeze around this bag because I’m afraid it might bruise), but that’s pretty much my only qualm with it. Best part: the strap is convertible and detachable, so you can wear the bag as a cross-body, a shoulder bag (with the chain doubled up), or as a clutch. Neat-o.