What I Wore: Grocery Shopping

J. Crew pink paisley shirt; NYDJ pants; Tumbled Reva
Shirt, J. Crew Factory; vest, Old Navy; pants, NYDJ (via consignment); shoes, Tory Burch (via Kijiji)

Kids, this is what happens when you sleep on wet hair. Just don’t.

Moving on to the outfit, this is formula dressing at its best better than average. Pick a shirt – any shirt – from my closet, throw the vest on top, don’t forget pants, and done. It’s practical, it’s comfy, I could wear some version of this every day. Oh, my glamorous life. The missing exclamation mark is intentional, in case you’re wondering.

I don’t really have much more to add, so I’ll pull the ole blogger manoeuvre and wrap up the post with a question: what’s your easy outfit formula?

(And, hey, if you want to reciprocate, feel free to leave me your question(s) in the comments.)

2 Comments on Paisley + Plum

  1. I sleep on wet hair all the time but my trick is to flip it over the pillow so that it dries with volume/poof.

    My formula for a great look is a shirt, skinny jeans, knee high boots and some sort of topper — blazer or jacket. Add scarf and you’re done.

    Otherwise, just a dress, works. So easy…

    I don’t actually own any vests.. for some reason I think they look funny on me. Vests, sweatpants / sweat gear and shorts have never made it into my wardrobe.

  2. My go-to winter work formula is a sweater and pants. Sometimes, to mix it up, I pop a collared blouse under the sweater.

    In summer, my go-to work formula is a little shirt (with sleeves, generally), a 3/4 sleeve cardigan, and pants.

    I try to mix it up with skirts and dresses and blazers some of the time, but if I can’t think of what to wear, it’s some combination of the above.