Old Navy chambray dress
Dress, shoes & vest, Old Navy; bag, MbMJ (via consignment)

You guys are probably going to think that I’ve lost my damn mind, but I love this outfit. Capital-L-love. I know there is no rhyme and reason to it – we’re talking about a potato sack and Jesus sandals, after all – but I can’t help it. Do you ever feel like your mental image of yourself doesn’t quite match the reality? Like, you think you’re cool and effortlessly chic – in other words, Charlotte Gainsborough – but, in fact, you are a klutzy, suburban basic bitch? Yeah, I’m talking about myself here because – obviously. But, somehow, this outfit made me feel a little bit more like the former, and less of the latter. Of course, CG would probably (exquisitely) side-eye this outfit if she ever laid eyes on it, but whatever. Capital-L-love.

I even managed a close-up!

Old Navy chambray dress
Bracelets, RACHEL Rachel Roy & Simons

I only just now realized that this is a head-to-toe Old Navy outfit. I must say that I’m enjoying my re-discovery of ON. (thanks, maternity leave budget!) The quality can be hit-and-miss, but they do really nice casual basics for shoestring-budget prices. This dress, vest & sandals combo came in just under $45. What’s not to love?

Old Navy chambray dress
My summer “uniform”

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  1. I too am wearing an entirely Old Navy outfit. And the shirt I got for only $1! (With purchase of another shirt for full price – all of $16.) (Of course, there is already a hole in the shirt.) All that aside, I do like Old Navy and Joe for casual basics. I spend far less time in my casual wear than I do in my dressy work clothes – so I don’t feel like I should pay as much for my casual wear because it’s getting worn less.

    • Thanks! It was surprisingly difficult to find a really simple pair of sandals like this, so I’m glad I snapped these up. I would say the vest has been a workhorse in the wardrobe, so I would definitely recommend getting a similar one if you’re thinking about it. It’s quite versatile; I’ve worn it with jeans, skirts, and dresses.