What I Wore: Getting My Nails Did

AG Stevie cropped cords; Louis Vuitton Dentelle Speedy
Pants, AG (via Kijiji); blouse & shoes, Old Navy; cardigan, J. Crew Factory; bag, Louis Vuitton (via Kijiji)

So, this is a tweaked version of this outfit (oh, and this one too); I guess I’m feeling nostalgic about the 30 x 30 challenge already. (No. No, I’m not.) The titular blue and cognac should be fairly self-evident, but what about the lace, you ask? See, it’s all about the bag:

AG Stevie cropped cords; Louis Vuitton Dentelle Speedy

This Dentelle Speedy was my very first high end designer bag. I found it on Kijiji 4 or 5 years ago, and my husband bought it for me for Christmas that year. (I had it authenticated on TPF, which I recommend that anyone purchasing an expensive designer bag in the secondhand market should do.) My favourite thing about it is the lace; it’s not only pretty, but it serves to obscure the famous LV monogram. I know many feel differently, but I don’t abhor the monogram per se; nevertheless, it’s an attention-grabber and these days I prefer my bags to be a little more understated. I seem to recall that the Dentelle line was inspired by Marie Antoinette (or the movie directed by Sofia Coppola, at any rate), which tickles my inner history buff.

Tl;dr – I have a bag. Also, am wearing clothes. Look, see?

AG Stevie cropped cords; Louis Vuitton Dentelle Speedy
I call this pose “The Hunchback of Notre Dame Edmonton”

Hey, do you have a coupla minutes for a quick ‘n dirty beauty review? It’s gonna be quick and picture-less because, while I’m too lazy to photograph my eyeballs (surprisingly difficult, by the way), I feel like this is important information you need to have. So, remember my new favourite mascara, the L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly? Still loving it. And because I love it so, I decided to try the new Voluminous Miss Manga version, thinking it might be the next, even bigger, better thing.

Nope. I hate the Miss Manga brush with the mass of a thousand black holes. It’s horribly, almost comically floppy. I’m not sure how I missed that from the advertising, but I did. I thought it was bendable but, like, bend-and-lock-in-place bendable. But no. It’s like putting on mascara with a wet noodle. Not my thang. If you’re looking for a noodly mascara brush, are you ever in luck though. The formula itself is excellent, on par with the Butterfly version. (Maybe just ever so slightly goopier, though this may be a function of the brush applicator, which gives less separation/definition than the comb-like applicator of the Butterfly.) I have no issues with it, just the brush. This, people, is important stuff you need to know.

Ok, I’m done now.

8 Comments on Blue, Cognac & Lace

  1. i’m glad to hear that Miss Manga products suck, because the advertising is abysmal and appropriates Japanese and Harajuku cultures. the commercial was bad already, but having a white girl talking about Manga was just embarrassing.

    Voluminous Butterfly sounds much better anyway, and i’m happy it works!

    xo nicole

    • Oh no! I haven’t seen the advertising for the Miss Manga line, but that sucks. I don’t know why companies continue to do that.
      I’m a little sad, because the Miss Manga mascara supposedly also comes in different colours, like purple and blue (my make-up holy grails, why are inexpensive coloured mascaras so hard to find?), and I was really excited to hunt those down.

  2. I’m finding it fascinating how your spending breakdown differs from mine in regards to clothing vs. accessories. I feel like I end up spending more on clothes and you seem to be pretty thrifty with clothes but willing to splurge on bags. And you tend to always look very pulled together and casual-cute. So basically I am thinking I should start spending more on bags! That lace bag is a stunner!

    • Thanks 🙂
      Here is my rationalization: unless you are getting clothes custom-made, or you’re buying actual couture, the quality of clothes doesn’t vary THAT much between middle and high end brands. We’re talking marginally better construction, maybe better fabrics and finishes. So you won’t look that different regardless of which you wear. Quality really becomes obvious in garments that are meant to be fitted (like coats), so that’s where it might be worth it to splurge. And accessories. A good bag or pair of shoes can make the rest of the outfit look more “expensive” (i.e. better quality), IMO.

      Also, these days there are tons of options that allow you to buy high end designer clothes for pennies on the dollar (OK, more like 75-90% off). With high end bags, a good deal is usually more like 40-70% off, unless we’re talking about something in very used condition. So, again, if you like the high end stuff (which I do) for cheap (which I really do), you’ll still end up paying more for bags than clothes.

      • A very thoughtful rationale. I guess I sould be glad I am not a fancy bag person, I don’t have your nose for the deals! Although I did stalk my only fancy bag (Kate Spade) until it went on final sale, so I guess that counts for something. I’m also realizing I only started reading you during warm weather so I haven’t seen you in any coats!

        • You’d be disappointed … my coat game is really weak. Unless you get turned on by down-filled parkas 😉
          Here’s the thing: while I know that coats are one of those things worth splurging on, I just can’t bring myself to do it. So I don’t really have any awesome coats 🙁

    • I don’t know; I kinda like it a lot. So I wouldn’t be sad if it wasn’t just a phase. I think I’ve finally outgrown my magpie stage …