Month: July 2014

A Little DIY

DIY beaded peter pan collar
Dress, J. CRew (via eBay); cardigan, J. Crew; shoes, Old Navy; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

I’m not really crafty. Pretty much the only thing I DIY on the regular is my manicure, and it shows. My problem with DIY is not so much lack of interest, as lack of dexterity. I’m a fumbler. And a knocker-over of things. Stainy things. Honestly, I’m just an overgrown toddler when it comes to crafts. But for a while, a few years back, I got really into beading.

(See, I really do have a lot more in common with your grandma than just a love for upholstery florals. You should introduce us sometimes.)

Anyway, beading. Totally random hobby. One day, long before babies, I was bumming around at home (as I was wont to do in those days). I guess I must have had a sudden creative itch, because I decided to put some old beads from a long-broken bracelet to use by stitching them onto a piece of felt left over from one of my husband’s upholstery projects. (Unlike me, my husband is very handy. But, like me, he also has random hobbies.) And so began my brief obsession with beading.

I beaded a LOT in those days. My husband was living in a different city at the time (we weren’t married yet), and I had a lot of time on my hands in the evenings. Being the anti-social butterfly that I am, I loved spending those evenings alone, watching TV and beading to my little heart’s content. The combination of CSI (any CSI, but especially Original Flavour) and beading made for a wonderful mind relaxant after a shitty day at work. I made a bazillion necklace collar thingies, and other useless, assorted doodads. Like any excited toddler, I gave a bunch to my mom (who, to her credit, actually wore some once or twice), and buried the rest in my hoarding drawers.

And, lookee here, I found one of them recently.

DIY beaded peter pan collar
Why, oh, why the crazy eyes?

I went through a phase when I was obsessed with Peter Pan collars, and was never able to find one I really liked. This DIY project is the result of that. I mean, it’s not exactly Pinterest-ready, but sort of … maybe … not unwearable?

DIY beaded peter pan collar
Sans cardigan … but avec derpy face

What say you?


J. Crew Factory embroidered tee
Pants, AG (via Kijiji), top, J. Crew Factory; necklace, House of Harlow; shoes, Old Navy

As you might remember, this is the top for which I broke my June shopping ban (on June 3rd or something equally ridiculous). Not the only thing for which I broke the ban, mind you – just the first. Ahem. I regret nothing. It’s cute, and blue, and stripy, and cheapish, and I stand by my regrettable-but-not-regretted decisions.

Are you getting bored of my predictable colour combos? Sorry, if that’s the case. Not sorry about wearing them, though. Blue + tan is my jam. It even rhymes.

This guy’s also my jam:

My fave (little) guy
My fave (little) guy

He’s turning 3 soon. I’m in denial. It doesn’t help that he recently discovered the hair on his legs (“like daddy!”), and proudly announced that he’s going to be a man, and go to work, and have his own tools (“like daddy!”).

Kiss me! Kiss me! Kiss me, dammit! OK, fine, let's just hug
Kiss me! Kiss me! Kiss me, dammit! OK, fine, let’s just hug

I. Am. Not. Ready.

Siiiiiigh. Oh yeah, style blog. Once more with feeling.

J. Crew Factory embroidered tee
The outfit … again

Third Time’s the Charm

Anthropologie Phosphorescence skirt; Anthro floral skirt
Shirt, Old Navy; skirt, Anthropologie (via eBay); necklace & shoes, J. Crew Factory; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

If these photos look weird, it’s because I was trying out a new photographer. A three-and-a-half foot one. (He had some help from dad, although he certainly knows his way around an iPhone. Parenting fail or genius blogger move? You decide. Just don’t tell me.)

Anthropologie Phosphorescence skirt; Anthro floral skirt
Still working on the whole timing-of-photo-taking business …

So, the title. I have had terrible luck with Anthro skirts in the past. I adore them, but I always seem to buy ones that just don’t work. First, there was the Eva Franco skirt I bought … twice. I loved it, but I just couldn’t get it to mix with the rest of my wardrobe. Next, there was the Leifsdottir skirt I fell in love with on eBay. I should have read the reviews first, and realized that my “optimistic” sizing decision was, in actual fact, just plain insane.

Leifsdottir Heartsease Skirt
Leifsdottir Heartsease Skirt

The skirt I bought was a size 4, and although I can technically zip it up (under my boobs, more or less), it poofs out weirdly and barely covers my ass. I’m selling it, if anyone is interested.

With all that history, I was wary when I saw this skirt on eBay. I immediately adored the print, but I held off on pulling the trigger for a couple of months, waiting for a price low enough to make any eventual disappointment bearable. I also sized up, just in case. I got a size 10, and thank the lord. Even though it’s an elastic waist, the 10 just barely fits. I have to wear it pretty much around my natural waist (I.e. higher than I like) for it to feel comfortable. But it does fit, and this is only a minor grumble. Although … the colours are quite neon-y, far brighter than the stock photos had me believe. So … that would be two minor grumbles.

Still, I like it. It’s cute, yes?

Anthropologie Phosphorescence skirt; Anthro floral skirt
Got it!

I think we can safely invoke that title.