Gap Factory black maxi dress lace
Dress, Gap Factory; shoes, Vince Camuto; clutch, Gap; earrings, J. Crew

You’ve heard me gush all about my magical maxi dress. I also have this (less magical) one too. I’m all set for maxi dresses for the foreseeable future, especially since I’m heading back to work soon (and saying goodbye to my casual wardrobe). So, naturally, I bought another one. All the sense, I make it.

But, but, but.

It’s a really nice cut, it’s comfortable, it’s black (easy to dress up or down), it has that nice lace detail. Oh, and it was under $30. I’m starting to look like a genius less nonsensical, yes? Only (minor) downside is that the pockets are oddly enormous, which adds some bulk right on the hip. I’m planning to have the pockets either taken off or cut smaller.

If you’re interested in chasing down this dress, make sure to size down at least one size. I’m wearing the XS, and it’s quite loose on me (I’m usually on the smaller side of Medium in dresses).

Gap Factory black maxi dress lace
so fashun …

Oh, and in case you’re curious about my oh-so-bashful posing, no – I’m not taking a page from Fashun Blogger Posing 101. It was just an extra sunny day. Scout’s honour.

4 Comments on The Other Maxi Dress

  1. That’s a great dress…that lacy bit in the front makes it dressy-ish, so it can go there if you want to take it there, but it looks it would also be super easy to just run errands in, too!

  2. oh my goodness i’ve never seen such a gorgeous maxi! i can’t believe this is gap factory. it looks like anthro or something! also, you look amazing. you look like you’re going to accept an award for best style blogger evar.

    • Hahahaha! That is so very sweet of you to say, but we know I won’t be winning any blogging awards any time soon, LOL!
      The dress was still in stores as of Tuesday, and it’s now marked down to $25 (probably cheaper in the US) – not too late to check it out 🙂