Magazine talk

My unscientific review of this month’s crop of fashion magazines leaves me to surmise that, as always, there is good news and bad news coming from the fashion world. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first, shall we?

Much like vampires, the 80s continue to haunt our (sartorial) Zeitgeist. If you thought that acid-washed denim (or, God forbid, acid-washed denim leggings) was the worst regurgitation of the 80s, you haven’t seen floral shorts yet. July’s issue of InStyle inexplicably thinks that your of-the-moment fashion inspiration should be Jerry Hall … back in her Mick Jagger days, wearing an off-the-shoulder cropped top and the aforementioned floral shorts, complete with matching flower hair pin. I understand that Jerry Hall is a timeless beauty who could look gorgeous attired in a garbage bag, but the rest of us probably don’t need to tempt our fortunes with pleated bloomers, floral or otherwise.

In better news, a few of my perennial faves are (still) in:

– ballet flats — if you haven’t already, you must check out Superstore’s version, which closely resemble these Repetto’s, the grand-daddies of the ballet flats, for a (very small) fraction of the price:

– neutrals — Vogue suggests pairing them with leopard print, a much more likely combination than last month’s Harper’s idea of combining leopard print and florals. People need to leave my florals alone. Anyway, what do you think? All it needs is a skinny red belt, I think …

– wedges — especially espadrilles … and especially (as far as I’m concerned) these Stuart Weitzman ones. Brown’s should hurry up and put these beauties on sale already:
– 50s silhouettes (the key: cinched waist + voluminous skirts) — as beautifully illustrated in July’s Vogue Douglas Sirk-inspired spread shot by Peter Lindbergh and featuring Natalia Vodianova and Ewan McGregor. Check it out here. I love every pixel of it, though I question the plausibility of any storyline premised on a woman leaving Ewan for some Johnny-come-lately. That might just be me, though. 

So, what trends are you excited about for the rest of the season (and fall)?

Friday wrap-up

Alright, alright, I know. It’s Wednesday, not Friday. But a girl can dream, no? Anyway, technically, this can be considered a very belated wrap-up of the previous week, which coincided with my Mexican vacation. I’m a dresser-upper at all times, and traveling is no occasion for exceptions, but my favourite outfit of the week was something much more casual. As it happens, I had to overcome a deeply-ingrained prejudice against Anthropologie (don’t get me started on their over-priced, faux-vintage, trust-fund-boho vibe, because I might not stop for a while) in order to make this outfit happen. But I’m glad I did. I love the swirly pattern of the skirt, even though it is more hippie-chic than my usual style … and over-priced to boot.

Skirt, Anthropologie; tank, Jacob; shoes, Steve Madden; necklace, J Crew.
Once again, though, it looks like I’m wearing a very fancy showgirl head-dress. I think I need to have a chat with the hubby about his photographic efforts. 

Of dresses and Doppelgangers

Designer collections are hard to keep track of these days. “Spring/summer” and “fall/winter” are relatively straightforward, conceptually-speaking, except now we also have “pre fall”, which is straining my grasp of the calendar. And, of course, we have “resort” as well. I have to admit, I love the concept of “resort” clothing — at least as I’ve decided to interpret it. I’m not sure where or how the clothes designed as part of “resort” collections are meant to be worn — seeing as how they tend to be utterly fabulous and completely impractical for 99% of the lives of 99% of the population — but I like to imagine that there are people out there who find it natural to lounge around in a Stella McCartney schmatta (I use that term figuratively because, of course, Stella doesn’t do schmattas … and if she did, they would be fabulous) on the deck of their yacht moored in Saint Tropez. Or, you know, who organize their travel plans to fit the mood of Chanel’s latest resort collection, even if it means vacationing in the Sahara or Siberia, as the case may be. [Because I totally would, if I could.]

But even a peon like me occasionally needs a version of “resort” attire suited, of course, to her more down-market vacation plans. Fortuitously, I came across my quintessential “resort” dress a week before my recent vacation. It’s everything I’ve always wanted in a garment of this kind — colourful, flashy and easy to pack. It’s perfect for a romantic dinner at an ocean-front restaurant and maybe (if the drinks are plentiful) a bit of dancing later.

The sleeves are great in case of any late-night breezes, no jacket necessary. I think it’s got a cool 60s, vaguely Pucci-esque vibe to it (though it’s merely Laundry), which is pretty good considering it set me back less than $20 (Vespucci’s was having its season-end sale). 
Especially since it got me mistaken for a celebrity. I kid you not. This one:

No, I am not Bryce Dallas Howard … and, judging by her picture, I’m not sure how anyone could have been mistaken. I’m sure Bryce Howard is, like, “bitch, please”. However, in defence of the lovely couple who fell into error, it was dark … and my dress was pretty awesome.