Friday wrap-up

Something about Monday brings out my inner grouch. My inner grouch hates it when you slow down the line at Tim Horton’s. He’s all “bah humbug” and “get off my lawn”. Sometimes I try to drown him out. With really bright colours. 
Monday, June 14, 2010:
top, Laundry; pants, Max Studio; shoes, Enzo Angiolini; 
bag, Michael Kors; bracelets, Nordstrom Rack; earrings, Winners.
The picture doesn’t quite do justice to these shoes. True love, indeed.

A handful of crepe

From time to time, I fall in love with impossible clothes. Clothes I could only ever wear if I drastically changed lifestyles and/or bodies and, sometimes, even eras. Watching Mad Men often has that result. I have a weakness for Betty Draper’s wardrobe (although I’m a Joan girl all the way), down to her gorgeous, impractical white kid gloves. I also have a weakness for birdcage veils, Cate Blanchett’s costumes in Elisabeth, Dior’s New Look, and this dress from Atonement:

Especially if that dress comes with one’s own James McAvoy. But I digress.

I also love this:

                  Alexander McQueen, peony print crepe dress, Net-a-Porter

If I were a character in an Evelyn Waugh novel, this is what I would wear. I would elevate graceful lounging to an art form, and subsist entirely on a diet of cucumber sandwiches, cream tea, gin tonics and cigarettes (graceful held aloft in a foot-long holder). Alas, I am a regular 21st century Jane out in the backwaters of the Dominions. It is a doomed love story.

The sales beat

It’s been a bad season for sales so far, but there are a few on right now that worth checking out. The Gap is giving 25% off their clearance items, and if you’re looking for cute cotton print dresses, that’s a good place to go ($49.99 down from $89.99, plus the extra 25% off). Blu’s is also having a “How low can we go” sale, with prices starting at $29. Ok, that’s not that low … but we’re talking Blu’s here. Of course, I couldn’t resist this:

In other news, the Club Monaco trench-of-unrequited-desire is now $99. Really, what kind of reduction is that? I am not amused. Not amused, Club Monaco, do you hear? Also, you don’t have my size anymore. Harrumph!