Month: April 2014

My Favourite Sweater

What I Wore: Shopping

J. Crew butterfly Tippi sweater
So, yes: this is my favourite sweater. You wouldn’t know it from the frequency with which I wear it, because I’m one of those weird people who “saves” her nice clothes for “special occasions”. Which, in my current life, happen about once a month. And only If my social calendar is unusually busy. I’m trying to stop this nonsense, so I wore this sweater on a random Tuesday to the outlet mall. Unfortunately, this is evidently not my lucky sweater; I hit up the Crew Factory store in hopes of finding my wishlist floral necklace … only to be told it had already hit the clearance rack and sold out. Insert sad face.

On the bright side, I was wearing my favourite sweater, and that’s pretty good for a Tuesday. To further ease my disappointment, I bought this cute striped top at the Gap outlet.

Gap striped peplum top
Do I need another striped top? What a silly question.

Of course I do.

Mad For Plaid

What I Wore: Warm Spring Day

J. Crew plaid mini skirt
The irony doesn’t escape me. We finally get some warm weather … and I wear my winter plaid. I mean, plaid practically sings “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”, no? But, guys, I love this skirt so much, and I only got it at the beginning of January, so it feels like I missed half of its season, and it’s a loooong time till winter (please and thank you!), and … wait, I know I had a point. Ah, yes! I just had to wear it one more time.

J. Crew plaid mini skirt
I had a feeling that this wasn’t the first time I wore this skirt with a a burgundy sweater, and Instagram confirmed my suspicion. But! I never posted the first outfit, and I was wearing a blazer that time anyway, so it’s definitely a whole different look. Right? Right? Anyone? Bueller?


The Easter Dress

What I Wore: Easter Sunday

Love Moschino floral dress
Dress, Love Moschino; shoes, LAUREN Ralph Lauren

My posts usually run 2 weeks behind, but I love this dress so much I just had to share. Right. Away. Totally normal blogger behaviour, guys.

So, the dress. Best Winners find in a long, long time – possibly ever. That is a Love Moschino dress, and I will tell you how much I paid for it at the end (because I cannot resist a cliffhanger). It has a lovely floral print, and a forgiving cut, and a very revealing neckline that nevertheless does not look, um, inappropriate. (I’m wearing a tank top underneath to help with that.) And all that adds up to pretty darn near “perfect” in my books. It is 100% polyester, which … lets look at the bright side. It is machine-washable (yay!). It is “made in Italy” polyester, which surely is less polyester-ly than the regular stuff. (I kid. Maybe?) It is not the rough, staticky kind of polyester, so it has a nice hand-feel. Also, it’s lined. It’s, like, practically not even polyester. Hurrah!

Love Moschino dress
Stupid wind messing up my blogger pose … grr!

Of course, it snowed the entire week leading up to Easter, so I had to throw on a cardigan. But it’s still cute! I actually restrained myself for once, and went easy with the accessories; I just added some gumdrop-like earrings:

J, Crew Factory aqua drop earrings
Earrings, J. Crew Factory

Oh, I almost forgot. The dress cost $60, marked down from $200 (original retail $400). That’s always nice, isn’t it?