Month: December 2014

Office Christmas Party, 2015

Moschino floral dress; Valentino half bow peep toe pumps
Dress, Moschino; belt, Anthropologie; shoes, Valentino (via consignment); bag, Rebecca Minkoff

Roses and red lips: a perfect combo for an Alice in Wonderland themed party? I think so. Plus, I’m happy with any excuse to wear my lovely Moschino dress.

Here’s a slightly less blurry look from the afternoon “dress rehearsal”. I literally picked my outfit 3 hours before the party – I’m that disorganized, or that efficient. Potayto, potahto.

Moschino floral dress; Valentino half bow peep toe pumps
afternoon trial run …

The party was super excellent. You can always count on nice decor (because we’re talking about the Hotel Mac here, and it’d be hard to make it look chintzy), but the organizers outdid themselves this year. I mean, just take a look:

alice in wonderland party; christmas party decor
showing us the way … or not
alice in wonderland party; christmas party decor
table centrepiece
alice in wonderland party; christmas party decor
love the attention to detail

The food was good, the alcohol free-flowing, and the company excellent. I didn’t win the annual draw for a trip to New York (boo!), but I did get to take home this cute centrepiece – that is a functioning pocket watch there!

alice in wonderland party; christmas party decor
party favour!

Hope you’re enjoying a lovely Christmas (party) season!

Stripes Ennui

Old Navy striped dress; Joseph Seibel Sandra 10 boots
Dress, Old Navy; belt, J. Crew; scarf, Winners; boots, Joseph Seibel; coat, Calvin Klein; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

Could it be? I was crazy about stripes this past summer, but I’ve hardly worn them recently. Take this Old Navy dress for example. On paper, it’s perfect. Good weight cotton-spandex blend, 3/4 sleeves, stripes. I should be reaching for it all the time, and I’m not. I made myself wear it last weekend, and I still couldn’t get excited about it. I guess I’m just not feeling stripes at the moment.

I’m actually in the middle of an unplanned closet purge. Like most people, I usually give my closet the once-over twice a year (at the end of summer and winter), but I’m feeling trigger happy¬†right now for some reason, so I’ve been culling right and left. Anything that doesn’t fit well, or is less than good quality, or feels too immature, is getting the boot. Most of the purge is happening in my work wardrobe, and I don’t think that’s coincidental; I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my career trajectory, past and future, and it has made me more conscious of the role my clothes play in my professional image (persona?). As much as fun, feminine prints and colours are a part of my style identity, I’m starting to feel like I need to be more mindful of how I present myself at work. And, yet, I’m torn. I spend so much of my time at work, and the thought of wearing a wardrobe full of neutrals, day in and day out, feels stifling. That sounds silly, I know. On the other hand, as a woman (and mother) in a male-dominated, client-oriented field, it’s important that I put my best foot forward at all times. My love of florals may have to take a back seat.

Have you ever thought about how the way you dress may be helping, or hindering, your career goals? Are your style and professional identity in sync, or at odds? And if it’s the latter case, how do you find a comfortable compromise?

Not Feeling It

office style; banana republic sloan ankle crop
Blouse, J. Crew (via consignment); pants, Banana Republic (via consignment); cardigan, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Calvin Klein; bag, Marc Jacobs (via eBay)

Oof, my hair. The first few weeks after a new perm are usually trying; combined with a too-short bangs trim, this go-around has served up more Tragic Hair Days than usual. The bangs situation is entirely my fault, and a lesson in why giving in to one’s laziness typically doesn’t pay off. I hate the hassle of going in for trims, so in order to avoid for as long as possible having to butcher my own bangs at home, I asked my stylist to cut them really short. Really short. Yikes short. Oh well. This too shall pass grow out.

The outfit is fine. The end.

marc jacobs spearmint blake bag