Month: December 2014

Sweatshirt 24/7

J. Crew Dutch floral cropped sweatshirt
Shirt & vest, Old Navy; sweatshirt, J. Crew; pants, NYDJ (via consignment); boots, Nine West; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

If you follow me on Instagram (you do, don’t you?), you’re probably heartily sick of this cropped sweatshirt. I seem to be wearing it all the bloody time … because I do. It’s a combination of having paid full retail price for it (albeit via gift card), and not being entirely sure I should have bought it at all. Classic wardrobe staple it is not, so I guess it’s just as well that I’m getting my money’s worth out of it now, before cropped sweatshirts go the way of the harem pants.

J. Crew Dutch floral cropped sweatshirt; Old Navy buffalo plaid shirt
Sunday morning blues

This Old Navy buffalo plaid shirt is probably my favourite match for the sweatshirt. I’ve struggled to figure out how to best layer it, and I feel like this is my best attempt yet. Minus the cropped pants/ankle boots thing, which I’m not sure I’m feeling. Whatever, I’m 80% there – just ignore everything from the ankles down. And while you’re at it, please ignore everything from the neck up too. If I look particularly bleary-eyed, it’s because this was the morning after my office Xmas party, and my daughter decided to get a different kind of party started at 5:30am. The fun never ends around here.

J. Crew Dutch floral cropped sweatshirt; old navy buffalo plaid shirt
hello, dutch floral!


Double Up

Ralph Lauren ruched multi print dress
Dress, Ralph Lauren; blazer, J. Crew; shoes, Cole Haan; bag, Marc Jacobs (swap)

So, this dress is exactly the same as this one, except for the print. I’m not wild about the print, but I love the dress, so when it hit the clearance rack at Marshalls, I had to buy it. It’s a fabulous work dress. I bought a size up from my usual, and it fits ever so slightly loosely – just skimming my curves, and minimizing, ahem, lumpiness. Seriously, it’s fabulous.

Also fab? The vintage pendant I found at Young Janes in Ottawa.

vintage leaf pendant
Ottawa souvenir
Cole Haan Air Violet pumps; Marc Jacobs Stella bag
shoes + bag details

Here’s how everything looked sans client-meeting-time-to-look-like-a-professional blazer. See, totally worth $30 and change.

Ralph Lauren ruched multiprint dress
easy breezy dress


Ghosts of Chrismas Parties Past

‘Tis the season for all things Christmassy, and I need you to know that I know that. I do. And I love Christmas. I do. Just … maybe not as much as your average blogger, if my blog feed is anything to go by. I don’t do a lot of home decorating, I have an old plastic tree, and I try to avoid cooking as much as possible. Most of all, I’ve grown to hate gift shopping. All of the people in my life, with the exception of the kids, are difficult to shop for; they exhaust my resourcefulness, and leave me with no desire or ideas for putting together gift guides for your edification. And, let’s face it, you don’t need my gift ideas anyway.

So, how can I bring some seasonal flavour to the blog? How about a walk down memory lane with the ghosts of Christmas parties past?

By way of background, let me start by saying that this year marks my 6th work Christmas party at my current firm. The event is always a classy affair at Edmonton’s ritziest joint, which makes it a perfect opportunity for dressing up. Alas, I always seem to end up wearing boring, expected black. Or pretty darn close to always.

Black is safe, of course, which is why I wore a plain, black Elie Tahari dress for my first Christmas party. This was in the pre-blog days, so I don’t have a full length picture of my outfit, but you can see the dress in the middle photo. I used a ginormous necklace as a bit of visual interest. (For the record, my cleavage looks more scandalous here than it really was. Honest.) Three years later, I re-wore the dress, substituting a different necklace (a nod to that year’s party theme, “Bollywood”). No one noticed.

office christmas party outfit
Left, 2009; right, 2012 – same dress, different necklace

For my second Christmas party, I tried to get a little more fashiony, with red lips and a DIY-ed necklace. The dress was a literal last minute find – and how rare is it to actually find something at the last minute, amirite? The silhouette combined with the mushroomy colour made it feel like a fashion risk. Go figure.

office christmas party outfit
2010: in retrospect, the shoes were a mistake

Ok, this was my least favourite Christmas party outfit ever. EVER. The party theme was Mad Men, and in principle, this should have worked wonderfully. But the dreaded first-time mom pixie cut was a drag, and I just ended up feeling dowdy. Let’s blame this one on postpartum hormones.

office christmas party outfit
2011: my least favourite Xmas party outfit, ever

After wearing black again in 2012 (see above), I was all set for … more black last year. I had planned on wearing this dress, but then found this cream Tibi number. Y’all probably remember the story. The party theme was “Winter Wonderland”, so it seemed appropriate. I didn’t hate this outfit.

office christmas party outfit
2013: hey, it’s not black!

Which brings us to 2014, and this year’s theme: Alice in Wonderland. Now, if you know anything about me, you know that I have a little bit of an obsession with AiW. So you can imagine how excited I was when I got the invite. I can’t wait to see how the organizers put it all together – it’s sure to look (and taste) amazing. However, picking an outfit was not easy; in fact, the theme made it harder, because Alice gives me all the ideas, and my budget is, like, “lol, nope”. Sigh. Stay tuned next week to see how it worked out.

And I hope you have a fabulous (and chic) holiday season!