Month: September 2015

Another Favourite Outfit

Dress, Joe Fresh; cardigan, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; bag, Gucci (via consignment)
Dress, Joe Fresh; cardigan, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; bag, Gucci (via consignment)

It’s been a hot minute since the last post where I crowed about a fave outfit, but I can’t help it: here we go again. Again, this one couldn’t be simpler – more basic? – but I felt wonderful in it. Stylish and comfortable.

black & grey
black & grey
non stormy dark neutrals
non stormy dark neutrals

It was perfect for a day when I didn’t really feel that great since I had to go into work on a Sunday, then rush home to catch up on chores before heading into a new week and a two-day business trip out of town. I don’t want that to come across as “woe is me” (I love my life, stress and all), and I gave you the TL;DR only to say: sometimes, in the middle of the maelstrom that is life, wearing an outfit that sparks joy is one of the small pleasures that give you that extra little boost to carry you through to the finish line. Am I blabbing? Sorry – I guess I got carried away by the outfit love.

bag love
bag love
dressed up PJ outfit
dressed up PJ outfit

One last thing: you may have noticed my new bag. It was a bit of an impulse buy (sigh) but I love it. Review to come tomorrow.

Just Another Monday (Outfit)

Top, RACHEL Rachel Roy (via consignment); pants, BR; cardigan, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Tod's; bag, Gucci (via consignment)
Top, RACHEL Rachel Roy (via consignment); pants, BR; cardigan, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Tod’s; bag, Gucci (via consignment)

I mean, yeah … that title kinda says it all. Happy “Ugh, Where Did The Weekend Go” Day!

What’s that? You want to talk about my outfit? Fine, I gueeeeess. I’ve worn this combo more times than I care to count, but if you substitute different pieces, it looks sort of new and sort of different each time – or so I tell myself. The shoes are new, and they make me very happy. Yellow is just such a happy colour. Oh, and the shoes make my feet happy too, so that’s nice of them.

monday blahs
monday blahs

Hey, look who decided to join the party:

photobombing since 2011
photobombing since 2011
walking on sunshine (yellow shoes)
walking on sunshine (yellow shoes)

My Stuff: A Mostly Useless Questionnaire

In lieu of doing an AMA post (which, on further reflection, is probably both unnecessary and a not so great proposition), I thought I’d borrow an idea from my favourite magazine, Vanity Fair, and work through a few questionnaires. First up, the “My Stuff” questionnaire – which appears intended to explore the minutiae of famous people’s daily lives. I have no claim to fame that would add any merit to my answers, but if you’re as nosy as I am about the stuff other people like and buy, then you might enjoy this post anyway. If not, I apologize and offer you this photo of Idris Elba as consolation.


Alright, for those of you still with me, on to the questionnaire. I don’t know if the questions in Vanity Fair are always the same or not, but I took this set from the October issue. They are helpfully divided by subject, so feel free to skip at your leisure. Without further ado:

Tech Stuff

Favourite gadget: I hate all of them … wait, does my iPhone count?
TV shows you binge watch: Game of Thrones (and by binge-watch, I mean wait the agonizing week in between each episode, and the 10 months between seasons)
Go-to website: Lainey Gossip
Song in your head: currently, Downtown by Macklemore
Recent Google search: “who is singer in Macklemore Downtown video”
Are you on IG/Twitter: this is a silly question
Car: Subaru – I live in Siberian suburbia, this one checks off all the boxes
Wristwatch: don’t wear one


Jeans: Rachel Roy skinny jeans
Undergarments: GAP bras, Joe Fresh & Hanky Panky bottoms
T-shirt: Old Navy
Day bag: I rotate but currently my go-to is the Gucci Britt tote
Favourite accessory: jewelry from my husband
Favourite designer: Alexander McQueen – the person and the artist
Shopping mecca: Winners; Value Village
Boots: Frye
Flats: vintage Ferragamo
Sneakers: hah!


Favourite scent: rain, fresh baked bread, freesias
Favourite discovery: reading, as a child
Who inspires you: People who are kind, patient and fearless
Necessary extravagance: books and bags
Favourite place in the world: Tuscany
Favourite charity: SPCA
Favourite movie: Couldn’t begin to narrow it down, but I will always watch Goodfellas and Clueless when they come on TV
Favourite hotel: This is a famous person question I don’t really feel qualified to answer
Favourite colours: azure, cobalt and cornflower (so, that would be “blue” and “blue” with a side of “blue”)
Fashion idol: Tilda Swinton


Where do you live: North of the Wall (hush, it’s true)
Favourite in house art: Grandma’s Warhol … just kidding … cartoon portrait of my husband and me, drawn by my husband
Sheets: IKEA – much fan├žay
Luggage: Winners (aka TJMaxx), from last century
China: Bahahaha!
Stationery: Papyrus
Pet: mysterious pantry raccoon who eats all the Pringles overnight, leaving the empty can behind as a distraction
Favourite flowers: hydrangeas, orchids, roses, and purple ranunculus (basic bitch with a twist!)
Favourite neighborhood restaurant: Nomiya (sushi joint)
Favourite cocktail: tequila + 7Up, preferably on a beach in the Carribean
Favourite dessert: flourless chocolate cake, preferably right now
Snack: PopCorners (Kettle flavour)
Coffee table book: The Avengers 5-Minute Stories


Lips: Rimmel Color Rush
Mascara: L’Oreal Butterfly
Concealer: Hard Candy Glamouflage
Foundation: L’Oreal Lumi
Shampoo: whatever I find at Winners for under $10
Moisturizer: something with Retinol (per BCRL reader suggestion)
Hair product: Elnett hairspray
Soap: Ivory
Perfume: Hanae Mori (blue) Butterfly
Toothpaste: Sensodyne
Nail polish colour: currently, Chanel Riva
Who cuts your hair: Mika at Ricci Hair
Skin care specialist: Mother Nature

Next week: the Proust questionnaire. Heck yeah!