Month: May 2015


Marc Jacobs Frida Flag Dress
Dress, Marc Jacobs (via consignment); jacket, Tommy Hilfiger; belt, H&M; shoes, J. Crew Factory; bag, Ferragamo (via eBay)

Red, white, and blue – and a denim jacket on top – feels very Fourth of July to me, even as a proud Canadian. I think this MbMJ dress was called the Frida Flag dress, which … ok, is half random, half on-point. It’s 100% awesome though, especially after I take off the belt, post-supper. Tent-like dresses are so dessert-friendly, aren’t they?

Marc Jacobs Frida Flag Dress
squinty close-up
Marc Jacobs Frida Flag Dress
necklaces, Tiffany & House of Harlow

You know what’s not awesome? Getting caught in a hail storm in your summer-weight silk dress. Edmonton in May: crushing dreams (and hairdos) since 1894.

Marc Jacobs Frida Flag Dress
Total outfit cost: $172 (not incl. bag & jewelry) / Retail: $555 approx. / CPW: $23.75

What I Wore: April Work Capsule

Work drove me batty this month, but April was pretty decent otherwise. That, by the way, is a good descriptor of my outfits this month as well. Maybe not quite as many slam-dunks as in March, but no train-wrecks either. This whole #adulting my wardrobe thing? I think I have the hang of it, you guys.

On to the evidence!

work wardrobe capsule; office capsule
one, two, three
work wardrobe capsule; office capsule
four, five, six
work wardrobe capsule; office capsule
seven, eight, nine
office capsule; work wardrobe capsule
ten, eleven, twelve
office capsule; work wardrobe capsule
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen
work wardrobe capsule; office style capsule
sixteen, seventeen, eighteen
work wardrobe capsule
nineteen, twenty

My favourite piece had to be my 3.1 Phillip Lim dress, again (and my Muse and Sofia bags, natch). I also got a lot of mileage from my Elie Tahari blazer, and my Rachel Roy floral top, and the ugly pleated pants, and … I did a lot of re-mixing this month, ok? My favourite outfits are #9, 11, and 17. Least favourite … hmm, let’s go with #4 and 16 (just felt blah).

How about you? And, since I’m throwing question your way, how about one more: would you like to see more wardrobe stats mixed in with these monthly “capsule” recaps (and if so, what kind)? Anything else you’d like to read about?

Casual Friday MVP

Elie Tahari Linda blazer
Blazer, Elie Tahari; top, RACHEL Rachel Roy (via consignment); pants, AG (via Kijiji); shoes, J. Crew (via consignment); bag, YSL (via eBay)

This blazer, you guys: this blazer is so good. I wear it all the time, and not just on Friday (though, especially then). It has an edgier vibe – hi-lo hem, leather trim, say what?

Elie Tahari Linda blazer
heyo, hi-low!

Just as I was getting ready to write the praises of the blazer, I realized that this outfit features another wardrobe MVP. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this Rachel Roy top, and specifically its floral print. It doesn’t look particularly loud, but it has all sorts of bits of colour mixed in (blush, yellow, blue, red) which makes accessorizing a cinch. Lazy? Moi? Jamais!

Elie Tahari Linda Blazer
Total outfit cost: $171 (not including bag) / Retail: $819 approx. / CPW: $21.50