Month: May 2015

Christmas in May

no really, it's May
no really, it’s May

No, this isn’t one from the archives. This was 2 weeks ago, in Edmonton.

picturesque and depressing at the same time
picturesque and depressing at the same time

I would love to tell you it was a freak weather event, but the reality is that it wasn’t. And, around here, it probably wouldn’t be even in June. *quiet sobbing*

Ahem. Here is what I happened to be wearing that day. It’s far less dramatic.

Loft windowpane pants
Pants, Loft; sweater & necklace, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Nine West; bag, Marc Jacobs (via eBay)
Loft windowpane pants
black and white all over

My husband endlessly mocks me when I wear these pants, but I still like them. They’re holding their shape pretty well, save for some slight bagging around the knees, which seems inevitable at this point – all my skinny ankle pants succumb, to greater or lesser degrees. So, well done, LOFT! Will buy your Marisa pants again.

Loft windowpane pants
turquoise bag is where it’s at

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Sweet Chemise dress
Dress, Sweet Chemise (thrifted); shoes, Nine West; bag, MbMJ

This dress was one of my all time best thrift store finds. I think I paid $12 for it. It may not be apparent in photos, but the construction of it is superb. It fits like a glove, without looking like sausage casing. Seriously, there is some magical thing happening around the stomach area, because this dress practically gives me the washboard abs of my dreams – AFTER lunch, no less. Magic, I tell you!

brooch, thrifted; earrings, old enough that I don't remember / some mall store
brooch, thrifted; earrings, old enough that I don’t remember / some mall store

The neckline is tricky. I prefer wearing a brooch, rather than a necklace or big earrings, with this dress, and this thrifted number always struck me as a perfect fit. It’s a real cheapie, but somehow looks way chic.

Sweet Chemise dress
Total cost (not including bag): $76 / Retail: $235 (approx.) / CPW: $12.40

Weekend Shortlist

Currently Wishful Thinking About: My Next Bag

Givenchy Nightingale
Givenchy Nightingale

Yeah, I know. I’ve bought two expensive bags in as many months, so I really should just cool it. But old habits die hard. I’ve got a running tally of possible candidates, and I’m casually (ahem) checking eBay to see what deals might pop up. On the list? The Givenchy Nightingale, YSL Besace, and some vintage Mulberry bags (like the Shaftesbury, and the seemingly unicorn-ish Audrina).

Currently Loving: Pop Corners Chips


These things are bloody addictive. I got hooked when Costco was selling them by the ginormous bag-full, which, of course, lasted a hot minute (the bag, and Costco’s supply). I now have no choice but to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a small bag at the deli – and even the deli has sold out of my favourite flavour (Kettle, fwiw). Whoever is creating this artificial scarcity situation: I hate you. Sincerely, me.

Currently Hunting: Work Appropriate Skirts

J. Crew Collection Photofloral skirt
J. Crew Collection Photofloral skirt

Boring, but actually necessary. Many of my old faves no longer fit, and I’m starting to feel like my wardrobe is suffering for it. Ideally, I would love to find one or two skirts in fun prints (florals probably, because I’m nothing if not predictable), since my work blazers and cardigans are usually solids and I like to balance things out. None of the current offerings at J. Crew or Banana Republic (the two most easily accessible stores for me, in terms of work appropriate clothes) are really appealing to me at the moment, so I may have to default to eBay or the consignment stores on this one.

Currently Reading: Tamara de Lempicka: A Life of Deco and Decadence


Tamara de Lempicka is one of my favourite painters, which would not necessarily recommend her biography to me … except that she also happened to be a bigger-than-life narcissist, who lived an interesting life not short on scandal and juicy gossip – the perfect recipe for an entertaining biographical read. In many ways, de Lempicka was a prototypical career woman, who refused to allow herself to be defined by her status as wife and mother (in an age when this was pretty much the status quo). The book recognizes her achievements, while also acknowledging the negative impact of her relentless desire for independence and creative expression on her family and loved ones. It’s well written, and more importantly one of the few de Lempicka biographies currently in print (which is a shame). I’m actually surprised that Hollywood hasn’t coopted this story yet.

Currently Obsessing Over: The Desired Effect


I think Lainey is my twin. For real, though: that face + that voice + 80s pop synths = my hotness trifecta. The Desired Effect is being released on May 19, but I’ve been listening to the 4 tracks available on pre-order (what?) a lot (on repeat), and it struck me that they’re basically (love) songs for grown-ups. Seriously, give Still Love You a listen – or better yet, go watch the video. I’ll wait.

Now tell me that’s a song that, like, Adam Levine would write. As a married lady long past the dating/infatuation stage, Adam Levine’s music does nothing for me, no matter how many reasons he finds to strip down to his skivvies in a music video. Brandon Flowers in a suit, singing Still Love You? Gets me every time.