Max Studio waffle knit dress; J Crew schoolboy blazer
Dress, Max Studio (via consignment); blazer, Talula (via Kijiji); necklace, H&M; shoes, Ivanka Trump; bag, Mulberry (via consignment)

… has been pretty great this year, dontcha think? I found this dress, and this one, and this one. And, oh, this one too. I’m probably forgetting a few more. Amidst such greatness, I’d be hard-pressed to say that this Max Studio number is my best dress find of the year. So I’ll just say that I love it an awful lot.

Max Studio waffle knit dress; Max studio fit n flare dress
sans jacket

I love this silhouette, and it’s wonderfully accommodating to my shape. The material is some sort of lightweight knit – it’s soft and stretchy, but has a good amount of weight to it so it doesn’t cling unbecomingly, and it’s comfortable as hell. Not bad for $25.

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  1. Ok so yesterday and again today I thought how great your hair looks straight but then I remembered you just had it permed…. Was it not settling right or can you straighten permed hair then wash it & the curls come back?! I have no idea as I just have straight hair that sits all boring!

    • You got it! I can straighten it, and then it goes back to curly when I wash it (or any moisture hits it). I like having both options, though it does take a while to straighten it. Thing is, even without the perm I would have to do it. My hair isn’t curly or even wavy, but it has weird bends (for lack of a better word) so it needs to be straightened to look presentable.